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YouTube Homeopathy Video Blog 2-The N H
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YouTube Homeopathy Video Blog 2

LINK: 10 minutes

Homeopathy Video Blog 2 – Japanese doctor photographing water reference…

Vidal is talking about Dr Emoto and some information is found here

How homeopathic remedies work is still up for debate. Emoto’s work leaves a lot to be desired and I will let it go at that.

Vidal talks about there being more and more proof that homeopathy works…

The bottom line is… Yes we do need proof and Hahnemann said several times that to prove Homeopathy, APPLY IT CORRECTLY; that people need only test it on themselves.

Good discussion of making remedies (not exactly accurate but close enough for argument’s sake).

Homeopathy Video Blog 2 – You can treat acute illness fairly easily, but chronic illness is too complex to treat yourself. Just because acute illness many times is part of chronic does not mean that treating it is not beneficial. In treating acute disease you will better understand what is needed in chronic treatment and will be able to better help a homeopath that may treat your chronic illness.

YouTube Homeopathy Video Blog 2-The N H

It is also very hard to find a competent homeopath in some areas of the USA. In that event, learning as much as possible before venturing into homeopathy is necessary. I am of the mind that better to treat yourself than not get treatment at all.

It is also important to understand homeopathy to some extent to be able to evaluate a homeopath that you are considering for treating your illness.

The Interviewer Says

“Stick to it (homeopathic treatment)! “
Homeopathy takes some patience to completely realize its gain.

In the long run of homeopathic chronic treatment, Vidal is correct that homeopathy is MUCH less expensive than allopathic medicine; even without insurance coverage.

Vidal finishes by touching on aggravations. She doesn’t make the point of how well homeopathy works and gets a bit tongue-tied. The reality is that with competent care, the patient should realize some tangible gains almost immediately and within a reasonable interval will experience greater curative gains than with almost any other treatment. This goes for acute as well as chronic treatment.

Homeopathy Video Blog 2 – Aggravations or a worsening of symptoms experienced by the patient is not uncommon. Because the point of homeopathy is to apply a similar disease to the ill patient, the patient is more susceptible to the “illness” created by the remedy. This should be obvious as the patient is already experiencing the illness (set of symptoms).

Applying a strong remedy will generate an aggravation because the patient is more susceptible to the symptoms created by the remedy. Hahnemann late in his life advised against generating aggravations in the patient and he did this by formulating the idea of the “minimal dose”. See the post on this subject.

On to Video 3 next time…

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