Wounds – Natural Treatments And Remedies

Wounds -thenaturalhealthdictionary.com
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Natural Wounds

Wounds come in many forms – burns, cuts, lacerations, bruises, broken bones. Pure Silver Concentrate has been documented to help improve wounds healing. In a study performed at the University of Utah, pigs healed substantially faster and had less bacteria, viruses and mold when treated with Pure Silver Concentrate

Wounds - thenaturalhealthdictionary.com

Pure Silver Concentrate can be applied typically to burns, cuts, lacerations, bruises 4 or more times daily. By keeping it moist, it improves quickly and with less scarring. Take 1-2 drops of Shop Free Mart Pure Silver Concentrate 3 times daily to help improve healing in the nose, ears, eyes, throat and any part of the body.

More Natural  Treatments and Remedies

Shop Free Mart Copper Concentrate is also good for healing wounds.
Shop Free Mart Hydration Drops and Shop Free Mart Gold Concentrate can help reduce scarring and in some cases remove old scar tissue.
Shop Free Mart Immunize has many powerful building blocks of nutrition that may improve the body’s ability to heal sores.

3 thoughts on “Wounds – Natural Treatments And Remedies

  1. Everyone needs to get the silver. I never knew Silver is a Antibiotic until I joined Shop Free Mart. I have been using it since last year and will not be without it. Its great for spots, pimples, any kind skin problem. I use it internally and externally.

    Last year I had swollen ankles throughout summer. I used 20 drops of SFM Silver and next day, ankles had gone down. Absolutely amazing.

    I am ordering some for my mum today, she popped around to see me, she has bad hay fever which has given her a red patch on her upper lip. I put some silver onto some cotton and gave it to her to rub on the area. Literally after rubbing it, the red sore became less.

    Now she is ordering some.

    Amazing product, please use it instead of antibiotics. Its natural.

    Get yours today. Trust me you will be glad you did.

  2. Hi Jacqueline

    Thank you so much for your amazing comments. I’m so happy hear that Shop Free Mart products are working so well for you and your family.
    I wish you and your family good health and happiness, in the now and future!

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