Tea Tree Oil And Treatment Of Boils

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Treatment Of Boils – A boil is an inflamed area, usually based in a hair follicle, and can be caused by a physical condition such as diabetes, acne, or severe dermatitis and can also result from low immunity, irritations, an illness, stress, food allergy, poor diet, shaving, plucking hairs or poor hygiene.

Tea Tree Oil Sunburn Recipes

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The calendar says it’s summer, but it’s raining here in Nova Scotia. Combining wishful thinking and a touch of gloating, I looked for something to cheer me up to write about, and chose sunburn. Whether or not you believe me when I say, “I feel your pain” is up to you! It’s easy to relish the warmth and the golden tan from spending time in the sun, but it’s tempting to overdo it and get burnt. Here are some suggestions for soothing herbal sunburn relief: