#1 Outstanding Leishmaniasis Treatment And Leishmaniasis Symptoms

Leichmaniasis phlebotomine sandfly
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Leishmaniasis Treatment And Leishmaniasis Symptoms.

Leishmaniasis is a parasitic infection which is transmitted to humans by the bites of the infected female phlebotomine sandfly

The symptoms of leishmaniasis are skin sores which erupt weeks to months after the person is bitten by infected sand flies.

It shows up just under the skin as a purple rash and raises welts and boil-like symptoms all over the body.

leishmaniasis treatment

Leishmaniasis may be divided into the following types:

  • Cutaneous – presents with skin ulcers.
  • Mucocutaneous – presents with ulcers of the skin, mouth, and nose.
  • Visceral – starts with skin ulcers and then later presents with fever, low red blood cells, and enlarged spleen and liver.

Study on Leishmaniasis.

Soldiers in Afghanistan have been suffering from this infection and it has been very difficult to remedy.

The US Army hospital at William Beaumont Army Medical Hospital conducted a study on Leishmaniasis treatment, using a type of colloidal silver. They found that the equivalent of taking 1-2 droppers of ShopFreeMart PureSilver Concentrate 3 times daily, could destroy the parasite.

Recommended Treatment.

PureSilver should be applied topically 2-4 times as needed. You can expect to see a benefit over the course of eight weeks.

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