It’s Time To Think About Your Health

It’s Time To Think About Your
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Think About Your Health

About your health, it’s difficult to picture a world without technology. All aspects of our lives are somehow touched/ influenced by technology. From our cell phones to our TVs to our PCs, literally everything is. With its evolution, the world is moving too fast to catch up with. It’s impossible to turn away from the benefits of technological advancements but have you ever thought of its vices? If not, sit back and read along for the problems technological advances have had on our lives and how can we fix them.

It’s Time To Think About Your

1.Health Issues

As much as our lives depend on technology, it is difficult to isolate the fact that it can have serious ramifications on our health. Computers/ cell phones emit radiation which is extremely straining to our eyes and can potentially weaken them at an early age. Not just that, it can also have an adverse impact on our brains. Now how to prevent that, without breaking the bank? Well, the best way is to wear specs with the specialized glass which cancels out the blue light.

With that, another way to stay on the safer side is to get regular check-ups from ophthalmologists to keep them in check. If you’re too busy to schedule an appointment or your weekends are too busy to go to a boring clinic, Asia Retina eye clinic is the place to be. With the luxurious exterior, the appointment can be booked with just a click!

Moreover, to keep your brain healthy, it is important to not sleep with a device, meaning, charge your cell phone a mile away, put that laptop away and keep a generic clock for alarms instead of using your iPad. This will help you sleep peacefully which means you’ll get up with full energy to take on the world with your brain cells well rested.

2. Lack Of Physical Activity

The most obvious consequence of technology is that it has halted our physical activity. Who wants to get up from the couch while binge watching a Netflix Original? Who wants to get up for some active time while playing a video game? The answer is no one! But, needless to say, physical activity is imperative for everyone.

Getting a gym membership which breaks the bank is not always the answer. You can always incorporate a little more activity in your daily routine. You can take the stairs instead of the elevator to work and/ or the mall, you can deliberately park your car a little farther to get your limbs moving a little more than usual. Further, you can also hang out with your friends at the park instead of the café, this will help you intake the fresh air and trust me, and it’ll be ten times more refreshing for you.

3. Social Anxiety

Since we’re glued to social media all the time, it is difficult to separate the reality from the virtual world. Beautiful people with perfect skin tones and lives can often throw you off, making you compare yourself with their virtual lives which mind you, are not even real. This comparison is inevitable and only results in you damaging your self-esteem which in turn impacts your social behavior, inducing social anxiety which none of us enjoys. So, let’s be mindful of the fact that not everything you see online is real and hence, take a good reality about your health, break from it and relax!

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