Is Leprosy Contagious? And How Is Leprosy Spread?

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Is Leprosy Contagious? And How Is Leprosy Spread?

Leprosy is bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotics. In biblical times, it was the worst contagious disease in existence. Those suffering from it were quarantined to leper colonies. It may surprise you to know that there are still leper colonies today in Hawaii.

According to WebMD: “The oldest civilizations of China, Egypt, and India feared leprosy was an incurable, mutilating, and contagious disease. However, leprosy is actually not that contagious. You can catch it only if you come into close and repeated contact with nose and mouth droplets from someone with untreated leprosy”

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Colloidal Silver And Leprosy.

Colloidal Silver can destroy leprosy bacteria. Take 1 or 2 droppers of PureSilver 3 times daily and apply Pure Silver topically three or more times daily. With this procedure, you can fight even the most serious leprosy wounds. Lepers have been able to bring their disease under control within two days using liquid or colloidal silver.

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