How To Cure Cellulite And Cellulite Treatment Methods

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How To Cure Cellulite And Cellulite Treatment Methods have become popular topics recently, as modern lifestyles and the associated toxin build up, is leading to more people having cellulite.

It is my intention to give clear and factual information about cellulite, such as what causes it and how you can correct it.

Firstly having cellulite means that your body is off balance and toxins are accumulating in your fat.

The body is made up of trillions of cells. Each and every cell is active every day 24/7 doing its housekeeping such as getting nutrition in, toxins out, oxygen in, carbon dioxide out etc.

Chemicals and toxins we take in from our environment just add to the waste that the cells have to get rid of, making their work more difficult.

Toxins are everywhere in our body and when they are eliminated that is better for you and your health all round.

The capillaries are the microscopic blood vessels that deliver the nutrients to every cell and take away the waste from every cell. Any sluggishness will slow down this process causing waste to lodge in our cells.

The lymphatic system is like the sewage system for the body. There are three times more lymph vessels than blood vessels, it helps the immune system to destroy debris, waste, toxins and dead blood cells and pathogens. It is a network of vessels that transport lymph from around the body and drain it back into the blood for elimination.

The lymphatic system does not have a pump so movement of the body is what helps to keep the lymph moving. Any sluggishness will slow down the rate at which we get rid of toxins.

The liver plays a large part in detoxification because it is the great detoxifier of the body.

Every drop of blood passes through the liver all day every day to be cleaned and neutralized, (takes poisonous things in the blood and renders them harmless), then the blood carries on it’s journey to deliver nutrients to the cells of the body.

If our liver is sluggish because it is harbouring too many toxins that it can’t get rid of them, it will struggle to perform it’s job properly and more and more toxins will accumulate in our cells.

Let’s start with looking at the skin.

The epidermis is the top layer, the one we can all see. Underneath that is the dermis, which is a fatty layer that produces collagen and elastin and fibrin, a meshwork that gives support and suppleness to the skin and is the glue that holds everything together.

This is where the cellulite forms, so ideally you want this layer to be smooth and firm. The interchange of nutrients via the capillaries by diffusion, rely on the cells being tightly packed together.

If there are too many toxins, the fluid surrounding each cell can become viscous and that will push the cells further apart and diffusion between the cells, becomes even more difficult and you get water logged tissues.

Sodium plays a major role in cellulite, because when we eat too much salt, (I am not talking about unprocessed sea salt but table salts such as Saxa, that has only 2 minerals sodium and chlorine) water follows salt and that is what helps to increase the water retention.

What exactly is cellulite?
Cellulite is toxins and extra water stored underneath the skin. The body has two ways of protecting itself against toxins; one is to produce mucous, which surrounds the offending material to try and separate it from the rest of the body and the second way is to put it in the fat, where it is out of harm’s way.

When you get toxic material in your fat, ugly lumps and bumps form and that is what we call cellulite. The reason men get less cellulite is because they have less oestrogen.

Oestrogen is a major female hormone. Hormones dictate where our fat is distributed, so men get fatter round the middle so their cellulite will show up as those love handles above the hips.

Oestrogen plays a part in protecting the female in her fertile years from toxins by keeping them away from vital organs and storing them in the fat around the hips and thighs instead. This protects her, from heart failure up until the menopause and after that women are just as likely to have heart attacks as men.

How did we get ourselves into this mess in the first place ?

And, where do the toxins come from?

The answer is,our everyday lifestyle.

Over the last 50 years mankind has systematically dumped 80,000 different chemicals into our air, food and water, so we need to understand how to protect ourselves and reduce the toxic load.

Most, if not all the foods in the supermarkets are stripped of their nutrients and are basically poisonous, because they are full of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, processed sugar, poisonous salt, trans fat, are genetically modified, in addition to containing, B numbers, E numbers, colourings, hormones, antibiotics and preservatives. These things all build up in our body over time, making us sick.

Don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom.


How do I get rid of the toxins?

Although your body is designed to eliminate toxins on a daily basis, this modern day lifestyle is simply overworking the body system so much, that it struggles to do its job, and is totally overwhelmed, and suffocating under all the chemicals and noxious substances that surround us.

This increased toxic load keeps the liver busier than it is designed to be and eventually it is spending more energy trying to reduce the level of toxins in the body, instead of getting on with its primary job of supporting the immune system, and as the toxins build up in your liver, you may find yourself getting sicker, and having less energy.

In terms of cellulite reduction, the liver is the most important organ, because it is the filtering system of the body, and it makes those harmful substances, harmless to the body.

Second is the colon, which is one of the main exit pathways, for most of the toxins. If you have any cellulite at all, that means you need to cleanse before you start any anti-cellulite programme, otherwise nothing is going to change.

Detoxification products, such as ShopFreeMart’s Synergy Combo, can help to start that cleanse and get you on your journey to reducing your cellulite.

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Hydration Drops will create pure water, that will surround the cell.

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