Engberts Method Programs

Engberts Method Programs-The N H Dictionary-thenaturalhealthdictionary.com
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Engberts Method Programs

Injury Fixing And Fitness Programs, Authored By Thomas Engberts, Coach Of Ufc Stars Like Johnny Walker. Lots Of Social Proof. Copy Written Or Approved By Godfather Of Internet Marketing Mark Joyner. Contact [email protected] For Custom Affiliate Help

Here’s What You Can Expect To Happen When You Start The Bulletproof, Lean, Athletic Program:

Engberts Method Programs

Engberts Method Programs-The N H Dictionary-thenaturalhealthdictionary.com
  • The first week you will probably get sore, especially in the ‘Bulletproof Muscles’ (the ones that improve your posture and make your joints strong and healthy).
    You won’t be able to lift the weights you’d normally lift in the gym, because of the way the program is set up. This may be frustrating but it’s part of the process as you’ll see later on
  • In week 2 you’ll probably feel quite good. Your posture will already be a little better, your muscles will feel nice and tight and your body is starting to adapt.
  • In week 3, the fatigue will kick in… these first 3 weeks are ‘high volume (a lot of sets and reps) and that is hard to recover from after a while…

This Is All good though, Because

Engberts Method Programs

  • In week 4 we drastically reduce the amount of work we do… but it will become more intense!
    This will feel great because you will now be able to lift heavier weights, or do the same weights for more reps than you did in the first 3 weeks.
  • In week 5 you’ll beat your numbers of week 4,
    getting stronger and stronger… you will also build more muscle, since your body has more time to recover
  • In week 6 you’ll continue to get stronger,
    and by now you should not be surprised if you get comments from friends and others about the improvement you made in your body…

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