Aromatic Skincare

Aromatic Skincare-The N H

Please do your research on the specific safe usage guidelines for any essential oils used on delicate facial skin. We recommend at most a 1 to a 1.5% dilution for “leave-on” skincare products, and do not feel that any of the harsher irritating essential oils have any place in a skincare routine.

Skin Cancer: Coming To A Face Near You

Skin Cancer Coming To A

There are over one million new cases of skin cancer diagnosed every year in the United States, representing about half of all cancers diagnosed in the country. And skin cancer on a dramatic increase. There are twice as many skin cancers in our population today as there were 20 years ago. Given this rate of increase, chances are about 50/50 that you will develop at least one skin cancer lesion if you live to age 70.

Skincare Treatments


Skincare Treatments – There is a wide range of treatment procedures offered to combat the symptoms associated with aging like frown lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. These treatments include Chemical Peels, Botox Cosmetic, Injectable Fillers, and laser medications to decrease wrinkles, sunspots, and redness. In addition, other medications for the body including Spider Vein Removal, Juvéderm, and Laser Hair Removal are provided. Other kinds of cosmetic treatments available consists of CoolSculpting, the progressive non-careful shaping treatment that freezes obstinate fat, which is then normally disposed of from your body. For those located in Virginia, Arlington botox treatments are the most popular form of cosmetic treatment followed by injectables and body contouring. The skin changes as we progress with age, and after a while, the characteristic volume of energetic skin starts to lessen, forming wrinkles and overlap structure. FDA-affirmed Juvéderm injectable gel is a dermal filler that immediately reestablishes your skin’s volume and smoothes away facial wrinkles and creases.

Irritation From An Essential Oil?

We’ve all done it. Ended up spilling or applying undiluted essential oils onto our skin. Perhaps, with all the good caution in the world, you spilled an oil while measuring. (One of our staff once spilled an 8 ounce “pour bottle” of Pink Grapefruit onto her blue jeaned lap…this possibility is why not only do we have an emergency eyebath fountain on the production floor, but a walk in shower in our restroom.) Perhaps you were told that oils could be applied undiluted, or you were given a roller bottle with not enough fixed oil for a safe dilution.