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How to Make Your Own Air Freshener Without Essential Oils

How to Make Your Own Air Freshener Without Essential

The tips for keeping your house always clean, welcoming, and smelling good are getting more and more common around here. After all, who doesn’t like a house with a fragrant smell? Did you know that you can make your house smell good spending very little? In today’s video, you will learn how to make an air freshener with coarse salt and fabric softener.

Fragrances: A Sweet Smelling Health Hazard

Fragrances And Perfume Ingredients Is There A Hidden Danger - the natural health dictionary -

Fragrances are designed to make you, your car, your home and offices smell good, but are there serious side effects? In a recently released study of 17 name-brand fragrances co-authored by EWG and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, fragrances (including perfume ingredients) were found to contain secret ingredients, chemicals not listed on the label, with troubling hazardous properties.