Colloidal Silver Flu Benefits and Your Immune System

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Colloidal Silver Benefits and Your Immune System.

As cold weather hits, you may be more susceptible to the flu. There are steps that you can take to boost your immune system so you can avoid the flu.

Flu Season And Colloidal Silver Benefits.

It’s a fact that people are healthier and get sick less often in the summer than in the winter. If you compare the summer lifestyle to the winter lifestyle, you will see why that is true. There are three things that are distinctly different between these two seasons that contribute to people getting sick.

Colloidal Silver And Flu Virus

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Colloidal Silver And Flu Virus.

Influenza, commonly called as Flu, is a highly contagious and acute infection of the respiratory tract that normally occurs in winter season. Generally, flu appears in form of epidemic and affects number of people at a time. Generally, cases of flu are seen more in children.

However, flu can affect people of all ages. People with weak immune system, young children and people with chronic diseases experience the high severity of flu. Complications produced by flu include pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, myositis, myocarditis, Reye’s syndrome, encephalitis and pericarditis.