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Body odor (or body odour) is the unpleasant smell that the human body gives off and is usually associated with a person being unhygienic or unclean.

This is not always the case.

A person can be very hygienic and can wash or bathe frequently but may still have an unattractive scent about their person.

Since bacteria cause most unpleasant body related smells, Pure Silver can help control the production of the odor. Spray or apply Pure Silver to the affected area and take 1-2 droppers of Pure Silver 2x daily. This can also help with bad breath.

Using salt in place of soap to bathe can also help reduce body odours.
Unpleasant odours can also result from too little sodium in the diet. (See Salt)

Body odor is also connected to diet.

Acid foods and drinks are a primary cause of body odor. (See Diet)

People with excessive body odor are also lacking minerals. ShopFreeMart PureCopper and Siaga may help to reduce body odor. I personally have put ShopFreeMart NVIRO soap directly on my feet like a lotion, which eliminated foot odor immediately.

Strange as it may seem, if a person does have a body scent related condition, it may be related to the actual “good smelling scents” they are using to mask the “bad smelling scent”.

Any thing we absorb into or through our skin has to be eliminated again, through the urine, faeces or through the skin as sweat.

It’s possible that your favourite fragrance, might be the root of your problem. After being sprayed onto the skin, it is absorbed into the blood and has to be broken down by the body’s elimination system.

Imagine this, you prepare and eat a beautiful dish of tropical fruits and strawberries, topped with your favourite fruit salad dressing.

It’s not so beautiful or delicious smelling when it comes out the other end, is it!

Excuse the straight-to-the-point example, but it is the same with your favourite perfumes and fragrances.

The more chemicals that are in them, the more the body has to break them down for elimination. When they are being eliminated from the body, they will surely smell very different!

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