Black Mold / Black Mould. Natural Treatments And Remedies

Black Mould Natural Treatments And
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Black Mold / Black Mould Treatments

Black mold (or black mould) is a fungus or yeast that grows in wet areas of the home like showers or walls. The mold will release spores into the air. If these spores reach your lungs, they will produce asthma and chronic fatigue-like symptoms.

To remove the mold, mix one dropper of ShopFreeMart PureSilver per each ounce of water that you add to a spray bottle, then spray it on the black mold and let it stand for 10 minutes before wiping it off. This will destroy the mold and likely prevent it from re-growing.

Black Mold Black Mould Natural Treatments And

When discussing the human body, fungus and mold grow in warm, moist, and sugared areas such as the intestines or vagina. Taking sugar out of your diet and using silver both topically and internally can treat these. Take 2-3 droppers of PureSilver 3x daily and apply it topically 3-4x daily, if needed. This dosage should be continued for at least two weeks longer than symptoms are present.

Getting Rid Of Mold And Yeast

Mold and yeast can be cleared up by taking 2-3 droppers of Pure Silver 3x daily. You may need to continue this treatment for a period of up to 6 weeks to completely eradicate the mold.

It is also recommended that you add one dropper of ShopFreeMart PureSilver to 1-2 TBs. of distilled water and put it into a nebulizer to be inhaled for 15-30 minutes. This procedure can be repeated 2-4 times daily as needed to get the PureSilver in direct contact with the mold, which will kill the mold spores.

Regular use of ShopFreeMart Immunize can help to strengthen the immune system and also reduce the chance of mold and fungus passing from the intestines into the blood stream.

A simple tip to avoiding black mold is to leave windows open slightly as often possible.

If that cannot be done, turn on heating in the home / building as this will keep the damp away.

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