Natural Cures For Autoimmune Disease

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Are There Natural Cures For Autoimmune Disease?

All autoimmune conditions, disorders and syndromes are effects of the body’s immune system going in a state of hyper activity which is wrongly described as the immune system attacking the host. INFLAMMATION is the most common and ubiquitous cause of anything that may be termed an autoimmune disease or condition.

Undigested Food Proteins

When undigested food proteins enter the blood stream through a leaky-gut wall, they set-off immune reactions that the medical system calls disease, but in fact are merely a condition of the immune system being overloaded and therefore over-responding.

Examples are; cancer, diabetes, asthma, fibromyalgia, lyme; arthritis, gout, neuropathy, bowel disorders, prostate and bladder infections, all of which are caused by fungal mycotoxins and their effect upon metabolism and hormones in a system whose immune system is overworked and dysfunctional. See individual conditions for more specific information on Natural cures for autoimmune disease.

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